We Are Having The Best Time Making Fun Of Oscars With Sonic, Trolls 2 As Major Contenders

Earlier this week, reports surfaced that the Academy is “likely” to postpone 2021’s Oscars telecast due to global health concerns closing down Hollywood, as well as coming film festivals and theatrical release dates being pushed back. It’s a bit of news most could have predicted after a string of high-profile cancellations in the past couple months. But some fans were looking forward to what the ceremony may have looked like in the year of the “apocalypse.” Let’s see, we’ve seen Trolls World Tour and Sonic the Hedgehog so far…

The Twitterverse did what it does best: react and one user could see right through the Academy shakeup here:

“Academy May Postpone 2021 Oscars Due to Coronavirus.”
Translation: ‘We award the best of the year’s movies–but we don’t want to look stupid by acknowledging Birds Of Prey, Sonic The Hedgehog or The Invisible Man for anything other than special effects. Because, shyeah, as if.”— Michael Shane (@Glitter_Rock) May 20, 2020

I don’t know about you, but my money is on Birds of Prey. Cathy Yan’s famed hair tie sequence is masterful; one of the best scenes all year. There have undoubtedly not been as many movies to come out of 2020 then what Hollywood had planned. Movie theatres closed down back in March and studios have greatly moved the dates of its releases to later in the year or into 2021. But here’s another guess if the show does, in fact, go on:

What if Scoob wins Best Picture at the Oscars as no other films will be released. Or Trolls.— Tweets by Collin™ (@TweetsByCollin) May 19, 2020

There would be a quite tight race for Best Animated Film at the moment considering studios have dropped a few family-friendly features for kids to enjoy in quarantine instead of keeping them from theatres. Trolls World Tour made waves with theatrical chains when it decided to make its movie available on VOD– AMC Theaters has vowed that it will no longer work with Universal after this move. Warner Bros recently followed in its footsteps with the VOD release of Scoob!

When the Oscars 2021 get postponed and that means BIRDS OF PREY won’t win Best Picture pic.twitter.com/n4aPVXmLUd— Dalton (@Dham0624) May 19, 2020

Of course, the internet is being a little dramatic here. When it comes to Oscar time, there will be a lot more contenders than Birds of Prey to be considered. Christopher Nolan’s Tenet looks like it’s still holding strong onto a theatrical release this summer considering today’s trailer drop. But there are a few other factors to consider here.

Last year’s Best Picture winner Parasite first received recognition at the Cannes Film Festival, which has already been cancelled. Most movies that end up finding a place in the award season race build-up buzz at the festival circuit too, and it doesn’t look like any gatherings of their scale will be happening this year at the current pace of things. The idea does have its fans though:

Booo! I want an Oscars where it is just a clean sweep for Bad Boys III and Trolls II. https://t.co/4h6MLB3ich— Dana Wessel (@DanaWessel) May 20, 2020

As 2020 soon approaches June, the back end of the top ten highest-grossing movies are also considered major flops. Keep checking back here on CinemaBlend as the year unfolds for more Oscar news.

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