Peter Sutcliffe Creepily Inappropriate Day Jobs of Infamous Serial Killer

Admittedly this is the least inappropriate job on the list, but it is certainly creepy and weird enough to warrant inclusion here.Some killers are actually haunted by voices from the grave. Peter Sutcliffe was a gravedigger during both light and dark hours. He claimed that he heard the voice of God emanating from a grave, instructing him to kill “bastard prostitutes who were littering the streets.” Apparently, this extended to female college students, whom Sutcliffe murdered toward the end. However, the majority of his victims were, in fact, prostitutes.Sutcliffe’s first four victims escaped after attempts on his part to strike, bludgeon, or stab them. He then went on to murder women for the next six years, his MO continuing to consist of hammer strikes, stabbing, and mutilation.[10]This earned him the nickname of the “Yorkshire Ripper” due to the similarities in MO to that of the infamous “Jack the Ripper,” whose true identity is still a subject of speculation. Sutcliffe was investigated several times but was not convicted until he offered a confession in 1981

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