Heartbreaking fact of a woman who lived a tragic life

Each Thursday night, we brace our flanks for the new scene of Scandal. However, women, I need to say, I’m stressed over Olivia Pope. In the event that it isn’t evident that her sentiment with President Fitz Grant is unfortunate at this point, drop those rose-shaded Honda Rhymes glasses and how about we stroll into the light together, eh? 

Like the power utilized in actual maltreatment, the Department of Health and Human Services expresses that psychological mistreatment ” … endeavors to unnerve, separate, or control you. They can influence your physical and enthusiastic prosperity.” Does this sound recognizable? 

A year ago, Parlor Magazine point by point the numerous ways Liv’s sidepiece status was risky. For instance, during season two, Fitz damn close to broke into tears disclosing to Liv that he “pauses” for her and she “claims him.” All that crying would be sentimental — in the event that he weren’t hitched to Ellie, declining to leave her and apparently getting a charge out of tossing his philandering in his better half’s face. This show makes for incredible TV, however it additionally leaves Olivia in their odd, self-detesting love triangle as a toy to be thrown around the White House.

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